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If cold calling is dead why are so many SEO companies using it for their own lead generation? HINT: Because in certain situations, and when it’s done right, it still works the best!

SEO Companies Don’t Think Cold Calling is Dead!

If Cold Calling is Dead, Why Are SO Many SEO Companies Using It - Sales Tips from B2B Sales Connections

In one month, I received three telemarketing calls from companies trying to sign me up as a customer. All three companies were selling SEO services. And yes, they were using cold calls (which they all swear is the worst method of lead generation) to develop new leads for their business.

The first one was Google ™ or at least a telemarketing company working for Google. The other two were smaller well-respected marketing companies that focus on SEO as a method of growing your business and developing more leads.

Why SEO Companies Use Telemarketing

I asked two of the SEO salespeople why they were using cold calls. Why not Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, pay per click, SEO, and other social media for their lead generation. They both gave me the same answer. SEO is great if you rank in the first 3-5 search results. But it won't help you if you don't have a top ranking. I bet their bosses will freak out when they read that.

Secondly, they need to reach out to the vast majority of their potential market which are companies that are not searching online for their product or service at that time. The only way to reach them is to actively develop a targeted outbound strategy to engage new prospects and try and generate interest. That outbound strategy includes cold calls, letters, emails and other proven 'old school' marketing techniques.

By using outbound telephone calls these SEO companies can quickly connect with potential customers that may not be thinking about their products or services at that time. The goal of their phone call is to start a conversation about lead generation. Then they can convert these prospects into customers for their SEO services.

But isn't Cold Calling Dead?

No, it’s not! Even though some who quote cold calling statistics say it might be, cold calling isn’t dead. When done properly, and as a part of a diversified lead generation program,  it is one of the fastest methods of connecting with potential customers and either qualifying or disqualifying them. By developing a great value proposition, the right message and proper training, we have had clients reach 20% to 30% of their targeted market with cold calls.

Yes, you need to know the right time to cold call. And of course, you need to target the right companies. Yes, you need to have the right cold call headline. And no, just doing more calls won’t guarantee sales success. But no, cold calling is far from dead!

Will cold calling work for your business?

That's a loaded question. The first question you need to consider is whether you are prepared to make the calls in the first place.

Very few sales people actually like cold calling. So if you are not willing to pick up the phone and call a prospect then the question is moot. Or, you need to consider outsourcing your lead generation sales activities.

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition That Helps You Find New Business Faster

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    1. Cold calling isn’t dead. Just need to prioritize it as your sales strategy. Cold calling is very effective if you have a targeted list. It’s a numbers game that pays off if you have a great offer and good pricing.

      1. Agreed, William! Cold calling is a very effective strategy when done properly and is used by many sales professionals on a daily basis. Thanks very much for your comments. It is very much appreciated!

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