Sales Recruiters Want To Know Your Accomplishments, Not Your Job Descriptions!

Over the years, I have seen thousands of B2B sales resumes. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them did nothing to help the applicants obtain employment. In fact, in most cases, it did the exact opposite!

Why do I say that? Most times it is because the sales professional, in an attempt to sell themselves on their resumes, only talk about the companies they worked for and their job descriptions while they worked there. In other words, they talk a lot about what they sold; they just never seem to get around to talking about how well they sold it.

To change that, make sure your resume is accomplishment based. Go through every employment listing you have and answer the question, “What were the measurements of successful performance in this job, and how well did I meet them?” In fact, this is so important, it’s the first question I ask when interviewing a potential sales candidate.

Remember, anyone can say that they are an “overachiever” or a “sales superstar”. However, if you do not quantify your successes and list your accomplishments, you are actually raising red flags in the recruiter’s eyes as opposed to lowering them. As Stan Rabb once said, “It’s what you do, not what you say that counts!” More motivational quotes here.

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