Turn Product Training Into Sales Training!

Does your sales team really need to memorize your product’s technical specs? Think about it. When was the last time you bought a car based on information like how many gallons fit in the gas tank or the thickness of the rubber used in the windshield washer blades?

It is far better for your sales people to know how the specification relates to a customer benefit than to know the specification itself. For example, stating that a machine operates at 60 cycles per minute is just useless trivia unless the customer has identified the need and will benefit from faster cycle speeds.

Taking this a step further, take the time to show your sales team which specifications are your true distinct competitive advantages. Your reps will drastically increase their chances of winning the sale when they can show their prospects that they can identify and solve their problems better than your competition can.

For detailed instructions on how to plan a complete training schedule for your sales team, including how to create your 90 Day Sales Rep Success Plan, check out my book Action Plan For Sales Management Success. It includes tips and techniques used by today’s top producing sales managers.

Remember, as a general rule, if it’s listed on the back of a brochure, they don’t need to memorize it; they just need to know how to recognize a prospect for it. After all as Albert Einstein once said, “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” More motivational quotes here.

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Susan A. Enns, The B2B Sales Coach, B2B Sales Connections

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