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I was recently interviewed for an upcoming blog post for  Thought I would share one of the highlights as I am asked this question often.  It’s easy to find tips for how job candidates should approach an interview, but what are some tips for interviewers as far as making applicants comfortable, establishing rapport, and getting the information they need to make good hiring choices.

Susan: When interviewing candidates for a sales position, it is important to be prepared.  As every candidate is different, if you just let the direction of the meeting go wherever the conversation takes you, it will be like comparing apples to oranges when trying to decide whom to hire. Besides, having a chat about the local sports team will not guarantee you make the right hire.

When you first start the interview, let the candidate know that the purpose of the interview is to get to know each other better to see whether we would be a good fit them and your organization. In other words, it’s important the candidate know that there are no wrong answers so they can relax.

For the interviews themselves, in order to properly compare and evaluate the candidates, you need to ask the same questions of each and every one, and those questions must be scripted a head of time. I go into great detail on how to do this and other candidate pre-screening and interviewing techniques in my book, Action Plan for Sales Management Success, however as I mentioned, the key is preparation. To get you started, you can download our free white paper “How To Recruit The Best Sales Professionals” which includes “11 Telephone Interview Questions to Find Top Performers” from our website,

Remember as the old saying goes, “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are working with turkeys!” More motivational quotes here.

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