Make It Easy For The Recruiter To Contact You

Even the best resume in the world will not get you the interview unless the recruiter can find the information he needs to contact you.   Make sure all of your contact information, including name, address, phone and email, are front and center and not buried somewhere at the bottom in the text. 

Only list a phone number that you want potential employers to call.  Ensure that there is the ability to leave a voice mail because a recruiter will rarely call back twice.  It’s also not a good idea to have to leave it to your teenager to take messages either.

Lastly, many recruiters make first contact by email.  Check your inbox daily and turn your spam filters off.  Countless career opportunities have been lost because the email from the potential employer was never answered.

Make it easy for a recruiter to contact you, and you increase your chances of getting the interview.

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